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1998-2011 Fashion Careers

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Want a Career in the Fashion Industry? This book is the definitive guide to successful job search in the fashion industry. Originally published in 1994, it has been revised and updated in 2011 with relevant data reflecting current business trends, changes in the workplace and the business climate. The book was researched and written by seven industry professionals who experienced first hand the trauma of job loss and subsequent search for new opportunities. The guide reflects our collective experiences as well as tips collected from search firm executives, career counselors and outplacement services. This is a workbook - not just words on paper. It has charts and forms to be filled out and should be used as a work tool. The book is comprised of 8 chapters, covering a comprehensive array of pertinent topics, from self evaluation tests, to interview tactics, to a glossary of useful buzzwords, two pages of career related web links, a vast variety of resume samples, cover letters, Thank You letters and much, much more. We have posted the first chapter so so you can see the format and style of the book - or look at the table of contents for a complete view of the type of information covered in the book.